11. February 2009 · Comments Off on An Opera Plot for You · Categories: Links, News, Opera

You know how those operas always have big parties in the town square with happy people singing and swinging fake beer mugs around while they stroll all over and the baritone mayor is unhappy because his soprano daughter won’t agree to an arranged marriage to the penurious prince because she loves a handsome though poor donkey farmer in another town and, in anger, the father naturally stabs a bunch of grapevines with his sword, not knowing his daughter is hiding in there for some reason, causing her to stumble out and take a long song to die, turning the father inconsolable just as the poor donkey farmer arrives to vow eternal revenge but the mayor’s plus-size wife announces she’ll drink poison if the men don’t make up, so they do?

So it’s all a good thing and the party in the square continues for everyone except the dead girl, who returns as an angel in Act III.

The article is actually about politics … Coburn, his opera singing daughter, President Obama … you know how it goes. But don’t you love that story above? I laughed.

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