11. February 2009 · Comments Off on Asking For A Handout · Categories: Havin' Fun, Links

A horn player blogs about a student who wrote and asked the blogger if she could offer up a free horn. The points the blogger makes are quite valid, and I, like her (assuming the horn player is female since the blog is “juliashornpage”) would be quite taken aback if someone wrote to me and asked for an oboe. (She does wonder if it’s a scam … it does have that tone to my ear.)

Mostly, though, I laughed. And I thought about what the student will do when attempting to get work in this business? Maybe the player will write to orchestras and just ask for a position.

Hey … I think that’s the ticket!

Dear [insert orchestra name here],

I’m an aspiring horn player and I have no money to fly out to audition for a position so I’m wondering if you could please give me one instead.

That might work … right? 😉

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