I’m a Top Chef fan. Yeah. Really. (Sorry to disappoint some of you who think I only listen to Mozart, practice my instruments, and work on reeds all day and night.) When a chef is given the news that he or she is out of the competition the line is, “[Name of competitor], please pack your knives and go.”

It hit me tonight … a conductor just might say that to me at a rehearsal some day. Hmmm. I do hope that never happens. But really, can’t you just hear it?

“Patty Mitchell, please pack your knives and go.”

At least I’m now somewhat prepared for the line. And it does have a certain ring to it for some reason.


  1. …and if by some miracle a conductor DID ever say this to you, I sincerely hope that your knives are VERY sharp.

    You know how to use them.


  2. Oh but I’m so darn wimpy! I’d probably hope someone else would help me out there. And I’d gladly loan out my knives for that! 😉