15. February 2009 · Comments Off on Power Outages · Categories: Links, Opera

It’s very windy and rainy here today. At about 12:30 AM our power went out. Fortunately it came back on while I was sleeping … I’m a wimp when it comes to power outages. (After all, I have no computer then!) Yesterday, as I blogged earlier, the stand lights went out for a time before our performance.

I was just thinking about the “what if?” thing: What if the power goes out at the hall today?

This has happened a few times in my career. Once it was with opera, once with ballet, and once with symphony.

And now I read this:

The world of opera — famous for its implausible plots — acquired a new one last night when a new opera ended up being been premiered in the bar due to a power cut in the auditorium.

You can read it here, and even hear and see a snippet of the opera.

(As I type this I hear the wind howling I’d better hit “publish” now ….)

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