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We are home from the bike race. It began in Sausalito, where weather was not exactly great for cycling. (It’s great for our rain problem, though.) I was wearing silk underwear, a warm turtleneck, a pile vest, a pile jacket, and a rain jacket over that. Along with gloves. I was still cold. We then took off to drive down to 92 and hit another spot, at Tunitas Creek Rd, so we could cheer them on there. The rain pretty much stopped while there, but by the time we returned to the car my hands were numb. From there we drove to Santa Cruz, where there was a quick and cold downpour (with a bit of hail), and then finally saw some blue sky for the end of the race.

Compared to today, a cold pit is nothing, I suppose. Still, a cold pit makes for a cold oboe and cold hands and whiney oboist. Go figure.

I love watching the cyclists do their thing. They really are quite amazing. And I am not even touching my oboe today. So there.

Master Oboist H. David Meyers is available in New York. He will play a segment of music from the lost works that includes an unusually high (and difficult) oboe note; in fact it would have been nearly impossible for oboists in Beethoven’s day to accomplish. The puzzle depicts Beethoven looking on earnestly to hear whether the oboist (who is actually H. David) will reach the big note.

Anyone know what the note is?

I read this here.

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Looks like another review has appeared for Così. It’s another complimentary one, written by Michael Vaughn of “San Jose Theater Examiner” (whatever that is … I’ve not heard of it before). Alas, no mention of the orchestra or even the conductor.