Okay … little rant here … I just don’t understand why bloggers don’t realize the world can read what they write. I just popped in on an anonymous oboe player’s blog, and he writes about his friend shoplifting a $150 wallet from a Century 21 store (never heard of ’em). How admirable. I suppose he thinks that no one will figure out who he is. I took one look at the blog and figured it out immediately. It was pretty darn easy. Not that I’ll do anything about the stealing. I’m just bugged that someone would blog gleefully about this. (Not sure I’d want him on my sub list, to be honest. Oh. But who cares about honesty, eh?)

I know, I know. I sound like a very old grumpy person. Sigh.

In Other News…
Tonight is another Così performance with Opera San José. I’m going to be smart and dress in layers. Lots and lots of layers. We only have three performances left, tonight, Friday and Sunday, so if you are interested in attending you’d better hop to it! And tonight’s cast is on their final performance.

Season News?
I still have heard nothing about the Symphony Silicon Valley 2009-2010 season. I do hope we hear soon. I’m anxious to see the programs. Maybe opera companies announce seasons earlier than symphonies. At least around here. In any case, both SSV and San Francisco Symphony haven’t put up new about next season yet, while Opera San José and San Francisco Opera have. I’m an impatient person and I hope I don’t have to wait much longer for an announcement from SSV.


  1. SF Symphony will be releasing their new season information on March 2 – maybe it’s just too early? I’m holding my breath that a lot of my favorite groups will be returning for a full season next year…

  2. I understand the “holding my breath” thing, Jolene. These days no news really causes me to worry.

    Thanks for the SFS info; did I just manage to miss that at their site. (I’m such a horrible skimmer!)

  3. I wonder if it has anything to do with our current financial “challenge”, with orchestras possibly waiting to set repertoire til the last minute? Maybe replacing bigger pieces with smaller ones? Or asking soloists to take lower fees, etc.?

  4. That definitely makes sense, Cameron.