I get asked all the time not only why I chose the bassoon, but, “what the heck is a bassoon?” Generally, I have to explain that the bassoon is not an oboe, nor is the fingering similar to an oboe. Nor do we play the same mouthpiece as an oboe, but the two instruments are similar. “No, the bassoon is not in the oboe family, but of course the oboe is in the bassoon family … why don’t you know what a bassoon is???”

So some folks know about an oboe and not about the bassoon? Weird.

I read it here.


  1. What a sheltered life you lead. 😉

    I have spent much of my adult life listening to people proudly ask “That’s an oboe, right?” When I say “no, it’s a bassoon” they say “a WHAT? What’s that, anyway? I never heard of a buzzoon.”

  2. No matter how sibilant I make the “ss”, they still repeat it as “buzzoon”.

  3. Someone always has it worse (unless its bassoon 🙂 ). I had someone come into my office this morning and I had my oboe out on a peg to the side as I had been practicing. The woman said “oh you play clarinet.” and I said “this is my oboe” and she says “oh no, thats a clarinet I was in band.” I tried to politely insist I had a master’s and was fairly sure it was an oboe 🙂 What is it about clarinet that makes it so popular?

  4. Master’s in music that is.

  5. …you could always tell ’em it’s a fagotto. 🙂

    For some reason “hautbois” has always made me think of a piece of furniture – no idea why.

  6. (er, my comment was directed to dk – looks like an overlap in postings there…)

  7. Heh … buzzoon sounds good, dk! 😉

    Joe, clarinet and flute are, as you already know, more popular than oboe or bassoon. It’s just the way it goes. Hmmm. Not sure about that apostrophe you have there, though, regarding a masters. *wink* (Just teasing and being goofy here.) And, to be honest, I know some folks with doctorates who know less than someone I know with no college degree at all, so that doesn’t always act as proof although in your case it certainly should work fine! 😉

    Tim, overlapping happens. 😎

  8. old grammatical habbits die hard

  9. like adding a b to habit. wow i’m on a roll…

  10. … and I hope you know I’m only teasing. I make typos nearly every single time I do anything at the computer, and I’m absolutely guaranteed to if I correct someone else! 😉

    But I like “habbits” … I think it’s what hobbits have. 😎

  11. “Someone always has it worse (unless its bassoon 🙂 ).”

    LOL. Ain’t it the truth…but having played a clarinet and not knowing the difference between it and an oboe? Pretty amazing.

    Tim, I’m not even gonna go there. It’s bad enough to play the bassoon (excuse me, buzzoon), but telling people I play fagotto? Maybe when I start wearing my t-shirt with “kick me” on the back.

  12. Ooh … I’ve never seen you in that shirt, dk. Please wear it. I promise not to obey the shirt.

  13. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. Real soon.

    I don’t actually have a shirt like that – it doesn’t seem like I need it! I do play bassoon, after all.

  14. Awww … and I thought you really had one! 🙂

    Or not.