19. February 2009 · Comments Off on Whew! · Categories: Ramble

I’m home from the dentist. And Whew!

Anyone who knows me knows that I fear the dentist. When I was younger, I consistently had a miserable time at the dentist. The guy we saw seemed to think I was pretending when I said I could feel him drilling. My current dentist knows that I have extremely sensitive teeth, and when he does work he makes sure I don’t feel a thing. (He’s into the “painless” thing. If you need a dentist and live near me, Dr. Charles Bocks is fantastic with that … at least for me.)

Dr. Bocks, though, has been known to make me feel rotten about my teeth. So I still have the childhood fear that pops up (no matter what, childhood stuff sticks with you, you know?), plus the guilt that Dr. Bocks dumps on me.

But today? Today he only complimented me! So woo hoo! Time to celebrate. Or maybe I’ll wait until I finish teaching the three students I have today. That might be wiser, knowing what a party animal I am.

Yeah, I’m just kidding about the animal thing.

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