I’d steal this idea and run with it, but I’m just too nice. Or something.

Mostly likely the “something” since “nice” isn’t exactly my middle name.

But check out Playing the Oboe because I told you to. And that’s an order.

I’m enjoying my chicken taquitos at the Hungry Slug (when the school mascot is the banana slug this name makes sense, yes?) and I’m browsing the IDRS journal. I’m reading from back to front, as I tend to do (don’t know why!) and I ran across the Fossati ad. There are four players shown playing various instruments (oboe, d’amore, EH) and two of the players’ pictures are backwards, so that their right hand appears on the top joint. How silly is that? I wonder what Michel Bénet and Fabrice Mélinon think about their photos. (If they’ve seen them.) Hmmm.

But how nice it is to sit here and relax. This is the first time I’ve made it to this place in time to actually get to order, as they close at 2:30 on Fridays and I usually finish teaching at 2:00. (Thanks for taking the week off, Jordan … I’m finally enjoying a real lunch! But I do want to see you back next week, and I did miss you, of course.)

And reeds? GRUMBLE. The reeds I thought had potential are showing themselves to be unruly, misbehaving pests. Sigh. I was so hopeful. Meanwhile I found out that I’ll have a new “partner in crime” tonight, since the second oboist is ill (recover quickly, PH!). Ah stress. It’s what’s for dinner the concert. (If you don’t get that lame attempt at a joke I guess you don’t know the beef commercial which, as an aside, uses Copland’s Hoe-Down. In fact, to many that tune is known as the “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner song”.)

Notice, in face, what this YouTube video is labeled:

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… I’m sure he was concerned about his next paycheck. Now he need to worry for a good long time!

Spanish tenor Placido Domingo on Friday won the first $1 million Birgit Nilsson Prize for his “unrivaled” contributions to the world of opera, the award foundation said.

I read it here.

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In their efforts to counter violence, a Canadian rock musician and a classical pianist from The Netherlands, come together to offer a piece a free music.

For the whole year 2009, Robert Beriau, progressive rock musician, offers «Time Fracture», and Jorgos, classical pianist, offers recording of his interpretation of «Moonlight Sonata» from Beethoven, for free download.

«Providing this music is our modest way to express the horror of rising violence as seen over the world in recent years. If music can help improve collaboration and hamony between poeple, we would be happy to participate in our humble way»

I read it here.

It’s a nice thought. I don’t believe music brings peace, but the attempt to bring peace is admirable.

I also heard about a Guitars not Guns” program. Again, admirable. And I do hope it keeps some kids from getting into gangs. But I have to tell ya … I know hostile musicians. I know some that, should they ever get their hands on a gun, would scare me to death. Music doesn’t fix everything.

And some of us carry knives.

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I’m switching to oboe soon. Flutes are too girly…blah!

I’m back at my favorite Santa Cruz coffee shop. They made me a most lovely latté. I really need to bring my camera and show you; they always do a great “milk drawing” of a heart. This time I watched, thinking I could do it at home, but the barrista makes it look awfully easy, and I don’t believe it really is. They are playing Ingrid Michaelson too, which goes over well with me on a Friday morning when my head isn’t happy, my eyes are worse, and I anticipate an extremely long day. (I am on campus until 4:40, and I have a 3 hour Così performance tonight.

(Heh. A man sitting at a table next to me is chuckling and marveling over the fact that this, a “church coffee shop” isn’t giving him a “hard sell” and is a calm and quiet place. He seems somewhat stunned.)

I need to spend some time on reeds today, after I finish teaching. Considering how all three (Yes, three; one for the overture, one for most of the two acts, and one for tutti passages where I can really play it hard, as I attempt to work it into HappyReedLand™.) reeds I’ve been using for Così felt on Tuesday night, I’m guessing they will be even worse tonight.