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I always enjoy receiving oboe supplies. Every time I get something I think, “This is it! This is going to make me a more diligent reed maker. This is going to make me make better reeds. This is going to be the perfect cane!”

But this one? I opened it and burst out laughing. I can’t help but wonder if the packer did this on purpose.

Thank you, Oboe Works, for the laugh!

I finished teaching a bit after noon. While I was teaching I was wide awake, energized and enjoying my students thoroughly. Teaching can be such a joy!

The minute I finished? Exhaustion came right back.

It’s funny how that happens. Prior to teaching I sometimes think, “I’m not sure how this is gonna go,” but when I get the student in the door I’m just so happy to be teaching and enjoying the baffling world of oboe.

Most of the time, in any case. There have been times (rare, I’m happy to say) where I’ve walked away thinking, “That didn’t work. At all.” That usually has something to do with the “ER” (Energy Relationship™) between the student and teacher, I think. There are just a very few who require a lot more energy from me because they don’t put much, if any, energy into the lesson. It’s weird how it works. The more energy a student puts in, the more energy I have. The less they put in, the more energy is required OF me, but the more that is zapped. Any other teachers understand and deal with this issue?

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I woke up this morning, knowing I really should get moving since I have two students before noon. I went in to the family room, put some blankets over me (our house can be rather cold) and promptly fell asleep. Oops!

Now I have 40 minutes until my first student. Time to get moving!

I’m not sure why I so exhausted today, but I am. I do think Fridays are a bit too much, and I don’t want to do this schedule again next year; having UCSC on a day that frequently has performances at night is probably not good for me. (Still, I have friends who work all day and go to concerts and deal, so I’m feeling rather wimpy.)

This afternoon is going to be a complete crash time. The house needs cleaning, but I’m not going there. I could work on reeds too (near desperate, but I guess not completely, eh?) but I’m not going there. I’m going to veg out, relax, and watch the tour of california.

No opera tonight; our last performance is tomorrow afternoon. Last night I saw several people I know (during intermission … a much better time to spot them for this head ‘o mine), and they were all quite complimentary of the opera (and even my playing!). AND … big news … the pit was warm! Woo hoo!!

I’d celebrate that last thing, but I’m too tired.

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Annoying oboist has stopped. Played long enough to wake everyone up. Not long enough to justify playing at 8 IN THE FRICKING MORNING!!