FrozenDogSperm, originally uploaded by OboeInsight.

I always enjoy receiving oboe supplies. Every time I get something I think, “This is it! This is going to make me a more diligent reed maker. This is going to make me make better reeds. This is going to be the perfect cane!”

But this one? I opened it and burst out laughing. I can’t help but wonder if the packer did this on purpose.

Thank you, Oboe Works, for the laugh!


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  2. Makes me want to order more to see what I get next! 🙂

  3. from now on I am going to search out all the stories in my oboeworks packages. This is too good to be true (i’m a little jealous).

  4. Tee hee. Go ahead and be jealous, Joe! Or maybe order something and see if you get a similar package …?