22. February 2009 · Comments Off on Maybe This Week? · Categories: Opera, Ramble

Last year, Symphony Silicon Valley publicly announced the 2008-2009 season on February 26. So perhaps they’ll announce the upcoming season this week. I’m hoping. I’ve not even heard a tiny hint of what’s on the program (I usually do hear at least a bit of something), and I’m quite curious.

And of course I also want to verify that I do have symphony work, along with Opera San José, for next season. I’m learning to make no assumptions.

Today is our final Così fan tutte performance. I still say it’s my favorite Mozart opera, but I must admit I’m weary. I suppose it’s just that beginning solo; knowing that I “set the tone” (according to at least one person, but that was enough!) causes me to be more stressed than I wish to be. Of course there’s also that little run toward the end. That adds a bit ‘o stress too. In addition, the weather changes just keep the reed situation even more frustrating than usual. So I’ll sadly say goodbye to Così, but I’ll be relieved as well.

After the performance there’s an end of opera party. Will I attend? I’m such a hermit, as readers know, and the socializing during work actually tires me out, so I’m just not sure. I’d like to appear more friendly (I’m sure some people think I’m a total snob) but I know that attending a party will really wipe me out, and I’ll be a zombie tomorrow. But I’ll probably be a zombie anyway. So who knows? It was nice to be invited, though.