… and who knew I’d have two “Finally!” posts in a row. How undarncreative of me. 🙁

I’m re-posting this because I had the link messed up so no one saw Dan’s picture. Oops. I did see the eye doctor yesterday and I’ve ordered new music/computer glasses. We’ll see if that makes my eyes (and head) happier.

Yesterday’s Post:

Today I finally see the eye doctor. And it’s about time. It’s either that or give up blogging. (Oh stop hoping I’ll do that … and can hear your thoughts from here!) I do hope there’s a good solution to this eye issue. It’s definitely not fun.

Meanwhile, check out this picture. Because I told you to. Is that great or what? I’d post the picture here but that would be like … well .. stealing. Unless I received permission. But for now this will have to do, so go there and enjoy. K?

Yeah, I kinda like the photographer, too. 🙂


  1. Sure hope the new glasses help. I can relate since I also have progressives and music glasses. Can’t read music with progressives – the notes jump off the lines, sharps and naturals look alike. With music glasses, can see the music and as a bonus can’t make out faces in the audience which helps with nerves.

  2. Oh I’m with you! I love that I can’t really see faces with my music glasses. Funny how that works! 🙂

  3. In my case it’s sometimes also helpful that our conductor’s expressions are a bit blurry.

  4. I definitely agree with that as well!