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It is ill advised to give your heroine a name befitting a porn star when she is actually an oboe player and aspiring classical music composer.

(There are reasons this makes me laugh (duh) and reasons it makes me very, very sad (can’t write about it, but no, it’s not that anyone in my family is a porn star). But in any case, it’s about a play I’ve mentioned before, and I read it here.)

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I just ran across a blog where someone puts up music for folks to download for free. One of the current available works is Glass’s new opera, Appomattox. The most recent blog entry, though, is the blogger writing to say the blog may become private only, because so many people don’t say “thank you” for the downloads.

Hmmm. So if I’m correct — and I realize it’s possible that I’m not of course; perhaps the Glass work is entirely legally done?— this blogger wants folks to say “thanks” for illegal downloads?

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And Yorker oboists (is that what they would be called?) take note:

Recently I found myself in York Central Library and I found a pile of scores on a bookcase in the corridor – they were given to the library by an oboist (presumably in his will) and many of them are (obviously) for oboe. However, this collection included some things I’d not even heard of, e.g. Magnard’s Oboe Quartet, York Bowen’s Oboe Sonata and various sets of variations for oboe and piano. I was then told it was OK to borrow from this collection but that it was unlikely the collection would be in the library for much longer as it was not being borrowed by people.

Hmmm. I wonder if there’s a way to contact the library and see if anything could be purchased. Probably easier for you in the UK, but still ….

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i wasn’t bashing you, i’m just saying–the oboe always will sound like death.