01. March 2009 · 5 comments · Categories: TQOD

i wasn’t bashing you, i’m just saying–the oboe always will sound like death.


  1. My clarinist daughter sort of agrees with this one. She’s convinced that everytime a character dies in the musicals we’ve played the oboist (me) has a solo.

  2. When I run across some poor soul who doesn’t know what an oboe is I explain it this way: “If you are watching a movie and someone dies, breaks up, or is otherwise very sad, I play. If you go to a musical and someone dies, I play. If everyone is happy, the flute plays.”

  3. And if somebody does something really stupid, the buzzoon plays.

  4. Oh those wacky buzzoons! Ya gotta love ’em. 🙂

  5. Yup! Or EH! Especially EH.