I need reeds. I need to work on reeds. I need to hunker down and deal. I need to face the truth of my laziness and then stop behaving that way.

But currently I just want to whine about them.

Think about it. How many other instrumentalists have to constantly worry about these stupid pieces of wood? How many have to build a new mouthpiece all the time. How many have to deal with what weather — humidity, temperature, you know how it goes — does to these stupid things? How many have to deal with plant life, for Pete’s sake?!

What a ridiculous thing a double reed instrument is.

Okay. Done.

(Can you tell I have some stuff coming up and have to get my act together?!)

03. March 2009 · 3 comments · Categories: BQOD

I love oboe, but it does not always love me.

Yep. Most of us can relate to that. 😎

03. March 2009 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

The You Tube Symphony Orchestra has been announced. I checked out the oboists. How strange! I never even saw one of them on the finals choices. (And he’s one I was impressed with earlier.) I wonder if they pulled in some extras, or if I just missed him. I don’t recall seeing the EH player either. Probably just me ….

In any case, you can check things out by first going here.

03. March 2009 · Comments Off on TQOD · Categories: TQOD

I’m all for skillful instrumentals. Probably the only instrument I don’t really care for is the oboe, so just not oboe solos!