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One thing that some people might not realize (unless you play a wacky double reed) is that we have to have a number of reeds for a number of reasons.

Reeds do wear out, so of course there’s that. (Kind of the “big duh” eh?) In addition, they crack, sometimes unexpectedly (some I can kind of guess are actually on their way to a crack, but I suspect that’s because I am not careful enough when I’m carving them). I’ve been known to bash reeds against my teeth even while I warn students of this (yeah, silly me). And reeds change; as I tell students, most reeds are either on their way up, getting better, or they are on their way out the door. The reed peak time is usually very short.

And then there’s the room. I make my reeds in my studio at home. But the making doesn’t stop there. When I get into the pit or on the stage I have to fuss with them some more, because they really have to be “fit for the room”. I recently played in a room that required an entirely different reed than any I had planned on playing. Only my easiest and close to dead reeds worked at all. Everything else felt entirely stiff and unresponsive. I didn’t like the reeds I had to use, but they were my only choice. “Learn to play well on bad reeds” is a motto I follow.

And you wonder why I complain about reeds. Hah!

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Hello! I have an oboe and English Horn for sale either together or separate.

Forrest Oboe serial number 5343
Marigaux EH serial number 5472 (VERY NICE)
I have a double case for them and two bocals.

They have already been sent to Carlos Coehlo, a great oboe repair/touchup person and are in good condition.

For the two the asking price is $6,500. $2,500 for the oboe and $4,000 for the English Horn.

The person selling these is an oboist I’ve read about, so I don’t think she would make an error about the brand. But I’ve never heard of a Forrest oboe! Anyone? The price isn’t bad. I’ll email her to check this out and fill you in later if I hear back.

I did hear from the seller. It is, indeed, a Forrests oboe. Link to seller page.

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What should I put on a classical music mix?

[name removed] asked the question:

He likes classical music, but I want it to be personal and thought out not just a bunch of obvious Mozart crap, not that mozart is crap. But it’s obvious, and not unique.

I would like music with words, if that makes sense. And so are there any artists that have classical undertones but more about love?

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Bizet: SYM NO. 1 IN C MAJ (2): ADAGIO. Oboe. Oboe. Oboe. Or was it a cor anglais?

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Sounds of Cedar Creek featuring “The Ken Krause Woodwind Quientet”

Hmmm. “Quietet” would be nicer, I think. (That would be a very quiet WWQ, right?)

Okay, sorry. It’s early and that’s the best I can do. I have my latté in hand so things should be looking up. I hope.

What will truly be informative is getting to the oboe and seeing what the reeds have to tell me. Some people use fortune tellers, tarot cards, horoscopes — you get the idea — to see what their day, month or year will be like. We double reed players have it easier.

Good reed=good day. Bad reed=horror.

Yep. It’s that simple.

In Other News
I recently encountered an oboe I’d never heard of. My initial look-see was “well, it plays and it looks like an oboe, although the body looks rough and the keywork quesionable.” (It did look like the maker was copying a Loree to the best of his or her ability.) But of course you know where this is going. It is incredibly out of tune. It goes out of adjustment easily. The sound isn’t great. It is not a good oboe.

This is a reminder; don’t buy an oboe without consulting your teacher! If the price looks too good to be true, odds are there’s a reason. If you’ve never heard of the brand, it’s probably just best to skip it. Really, really, really.