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The only classical composer listed was Beethoven. And he’s at the top (for smartness … don’t worry!). But were there no other classical composers? Hmmm.

But anyway, check it out if you want. Or don’t. I won’t know the diff.

Of course the way this is done when compiling results from Facebook has some problems, as I’m sure the person who put it together knows. For instance, some people are busy trying to impress others and won’t put up their true “favorites”, as they might be embarrassing.

Gee, would I do that? Naw. But I didn’t list anything at all, since I can’t figure out what my “favorite music” is. You can see that if you visit my Facebook page, but I’m not sure you can see that if you haven’t “friended” me. And I don’t “friend” — yeah, they verbed that ‐ because I don’t like to impose and I fear rejection. I also wish they had “acquaintance” rather than “friend” there. I’m weird that way.

Ramble ramble … killing 30 minutes until I can go make my latté.


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