… oh never mind.

FARYL SMITH, the 13-year-old singing sensation who has released the fastest-selling solo classical album, steps up to the national stage today to perform before millions.

First there’s that in this article, and later there’s this:

Faryl admits she does not listen to classical music. “Classical singing is mainly aimed at older people,” she said.

Well there you go. I’m with her. I play the stupid stuff, but it’s for old people and I’m never gonna get old.

If you want to “meet” this singing sensation you can watch this video (which I’ve yet to watch so I can’t even comment on it):

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I read this at someone’s blog, giving “turkey awards”:

Oboe Concerto (Chimarosa) “such a strange piece..I’ll take anyone else’s oboe concerto over this one!”

Of course I’m going to give the blogger a turkey award for spelling. 😉

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Playing oboe and flute duets with my sister-in-law. (I’m on oboe.) It’s a battle of embouchures. I lose!

Okay, I’ll even give you a name for this Twitter Quote of the Day: Josh Kornbluth wrote it. Yes, he Twitters.

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The oboe is naturally associated with music of a pastoral character. It is pre-eminently a melody instrument, and though its voice comes forth shrinkingly, its uniqueness of tone makes it easily heard. It is a most lovable instrument. “Candor, artless grace, soft joy, or the grief of a fragile being suits the oboe’s accents,” says Berlioz.


I read it here.