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San Francisco Classical Voice has a new look. I can’t quite figure the site out now. (How stupid AM I? Just about that stupid!) I mean, are ALL the reviews for the week on the main page, or is that only a sampling? Should I look for more? Did they skip SSV last week? But I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Meanwhile, I did see that they now list music blogs and yours truly is listed there.

No, I didn’t try to rate my own blog (I’m probably one of my harshest critics although I suspect not the only one who might not offer me five stars!), but I wanted to give 5 stars to a few blogs I like. Hmm. I don’t see that we get to do that. Maybe only SFCV writers get that opportunity.

Or maybe I’m too stupid to do that, too.

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We aren’t going to SoCal. No more contemplating this thing. There’s just too much going on. I’ve just got too much on my plate. Dan has papers stacked up. I’m bummed that I can’t see Kelsey & Mel (I miss them tons), but I think we’ll fly down some time later, when we have more time and less stress.

But while I’m sticking around, I think I’ll do some cleaning. Let’s start with my computer screen.

Yeah, I’ve put this up before. It’s just time again.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to know what is best. If I happened to have some important solos coming up, would it be better to stay at home and stress or worry or — yes, it happens — practice and work on reeds and attempt to relax (hah!)? Or is it better, knowing I have reeds that are working well, to escape, visit my lovely daughter and son-in-law, and enjoy a weekend with them? Will I stress even more there, being away from the horn, or will I relax, being away from it?

I just want someone to tell me what to do!

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Practicing oboe. My reed isn’t working. 🙁