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“I would strongly recommend everyone listen to music at work, if possible,” Paciariello says. “It really lightens up the day and makes the time go by a bit faster. And most importantly, you are entertained for a long stretch of time doing a job that may not be so entertaining.”

I wasn’t gonna listen at work, but since this guy highly recommends it and suggests that it makes the time go by a bit faster I suppose I’ll listen at tonight’s symphony rehearsal.


I read it here, and of course considering my career it made me laugh. Taken together with my job, it is pretty funny.

Okay, maybe just to me.

But really:

“Listening to music at work can be more than just fun for some people.”

(Yes, it’s work, thank you very much!)

… and this;

“For some of his clients, music is just another distraction that they don’t need.”

(Heh. If only all those other musicians could just be quiet maybe I could concentrate!)

And then there’s this: “Use headphones if you share an office.”

(Note to self: bring headphones tonight!)

But really, here’s the one I definitely must heed while at work:

“Keep the dance moves to a minimum.”

Fortunately Nico Muhly isn’t all haughty like most classical-music types.

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i wish i wouldnt have dropped out of college. i wish i was a pro oboe player.