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I landed at a blog of an oboist who was quite upset. She had arrived late to a rehearsal (not her fault of course … um … but really it was from what I read). Then this player was upset because, when apologizing after the rehearsal for being THIRTY minutes late (!), no one said, “Oh, that’s okay.”

My response, if I were capable of honestly, would have been, “Don’t let it happen again.” If this was a professional gig the musician, who was a sub, very well might not be asked back.

In reading the blog, too, the player only left 30 minutes before the rehearsal began! I live 7 minutes from work and I leave sooner than that.

Here’s the rule, in case anyone has forgotten: Don’t Be Late!


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BASSOON AND OBOE ARE GONNA COMBINE to be double reeds again!!!!

Hmmm. So if they aren’t combined (whatever that means) they aren’t double reeds?

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A very Young Yo-Yo having fun:

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I haven’t turned this blog into a money-making venture, but on occasion I’m blessed with little perks. I’ve been given tickets to concerts, a reed maker actually sent me some reeds (sadly they didn’t work for me), I get a little bit of income from sheet music ordered from Sheet Music Plus (thanks, everyone!), and now I’ve been sent a book to review. I am hoping to get it read more quickly than I might normally read a book, since I have some down time at the rehearsals when they are rehearsing the Brahms Violin Concert.

If you are wondering what I’m writing about, you feel like supporting me here in this little blog, or you just want to read about it and get me to shut up, here you go:

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Are oboe solos in symphonic metal the NEXT BIG THING???

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Roman Carnival Overture:

(Is the EH player really standing, or am I seeing this wrong?)

New World Symphony, Second Movement:

I didn’t view either of these all the way through before posting them, and I sort of did that on purpose. I don’t want to comment on the English horn players … I’m just not into that. So not viewing them all the way through kind of gets me off the hook. How wimpy AM I, after all?