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Here it is: my first post on the new toy. It’s time consuming to post at this point since I don’t know the shortcuts yet. Are there short cuts?

I’m in between the two symphony rehearsals. It’s going okay, but it’s never just a breeze. At least not for me. You’d think I’d be used to this by now, eh?

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Wow … you can hear him talk about some of his works. This is from a radio broadcast on July 2, 1944. Many thanks to Jessica Duchen for bringing this to my attention.

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My oboe reed is on an emotional roller coaster.

Oh this is so appropriate right now! I had to bump another TQOD (Twitter Quote Of the Day) just because!

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Ah life! It’s a bit of a stressful time here in English horn land. No surprise, considering the solos. What doesn’t help is that someone in the orchestra came up last night to suggest this was concert was all about me, that I should ask for soloist fees, etc, etc. He just meant to be flattering, I know, but of course it only adds to the, “This is important. Don’t you dare blow it!” thing.

And REEDS?! I have three that work. They aren’t perfect, and each has its issues. The first that I played sags on the G above the staff. The second on the G# above the staff. The third just isn’t as “buttery” as I’d like, and I’m not as comfortable on it. But it’ll probably have to be the “it reed” unless I can make something today that somehow, miraculously works.

In Other News

San Francisco Symphony sends me email to let me know what’s coming up. I received this yesterday:

Be among the first to hear Ashkenazy conduct the piece dedicated to him…

I usually laugh when someone says they went to see the symphony. But in this case wouldn’t I be one of the first the see Ashkenazy conduct the piece dedicated to him (Gerber’s Music in Dark Times)? I think so. Hmmm. We’d hear the results of his conducting; I’m going to guess he doesn’t make a lot of noise waving that baton. We’d hear the symphony play. (But they’ll probably hear see this post and maybe they will realize that I’m as gently witty as ever and offer me a job up there in any case. One that doesn’t require reed making. It’s an idea ….

Oh … and I have a new toy! I caved. I bought an iPod Touch. It is quite handy, but you won’t see blog posts, “tweets”, or Facebook updates from stage. I don’t have internet access at the hall. (Rats!) Not that I would have posted while working, but it would have been fun to update you immediately after. Maybe. But that’s life. I wasn’t about to spend the bucks for an iPhone which would have allowed that. That’s simply beyond this oboe player’s means right now.

Yay! Now I’ve spent enough time at the computer to have used up the necessary “30 minutes before eating after taking meds” thing and I can make a very necessary latté (VNL™). 🙂