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It’s a good thing I communicate mainly by computer (email, Facebook, Twitter, this blog), because I appear to be losing my voice. Right now I’m at that husky place, but it’s starting to go out all together, I fear. I test it on occasion … and I am sounding and looking like a crazy old lady as I sit here wearing my hot pink fuzzy robe, talking to myself. (I’m home alone.) Sigh.

But … in news …

Reed Repair!
I found a miracle cure for reeds. Really. It allows cracked reeds to play. You simply dip your reed in this solution and it must somehow have some sort of magic glue that doesn’t interfere with vibrations and allows the reed to play again. This could be life-changing for a number of people.

We are doing Midsummer Night’s Dream ballet this week, as I’ve been mentioning in various blog posts. I found out last night that we are going to be in costume. I think it’s a really sweet idea. The women will be fairies. The men will be donkeys.

Now back to the couch with me. I have to get better before rehearsal tonight. I can cancel students (they’ll prefer that to this bug, believe me), but they aren’t allowing me to cancel a dress rehearsal. Go figure.

01. April 2009 · Comments Off on Shame on Me · Categories: Ramble

I’m exhausted, and yet I’m still awake. This is what happens sometimes … I get home, and I’m too wired to get to sleep. The next thing I know it’s 12:05 AM.

This is way past my bedtime. Sigh.