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Sheet Music Plus is having a 20% sale on music for small ensembles. Yes, this includes woodwind quintets and quartets.

And yes, I do get a small stipend for posting this information here. Thanks to those of you who use this link. It is greatly appreciated!

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Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has announced that it will for the first time admit musical performers from all over the world.

More than 100 positions comprise the orchestra and auditions will be held in Shanghai, Berlin and New York in July, said Yu Long, musical director of the orchestra.

Of a total of 105 performer positions in the orchestra, all except the orchestra principal and the musical director are open to the public.

Any interested musician can apply for an audition before the deadline of June 30.

Hmmm. I guess, from reading the article, this means that all the positions in the orchestra can be replaced at any time? I went to the auditon site (in English) and it says nothing about tenure. It’s certainly not a job I’d be willing to go for.

There is a Shanghai Symphony site as well, and a page listing the orchestra roster. Double hmmm.

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yay for excessive oboe and trumpets = overdone emotional tension

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Best Album = Rubber Soul

In classical music, Beethoven’s Ninth.

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i shouted encore at the end of the concert even though i was lying. i know the feeling of performing and encore is a “must” thingy to do. so i supported them. the encore was still a classical music but i stayed awake till the end.