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So it’s now a month of Carmen. Today is our first rehearsal, which means no singers, which means … well … kind of boring, really. I’ve played Carmen before — maybe as many as four runs (I don’t keep track). I know it, and it’s not one that stresses me out (hoorah!).

What I am a bit stressed about are reeds (no surprise), my cough (yes, it’s still going strong) and my back (ouch, ouch, ouch). I’ve done something crummy to my back and it’s been out since last Wednesday. It’s pretty bad, but I can get around, so there’s that. But I’m ready for the back to be better. I’m ready for the cough to disappear. And I’m ready for the reed fairy to make an appearance!

Hmmm. If I’d taken today off I could have taught my students. I wish I had thought of this earlier. Rats! (But of course then I’d worry that everyone else was one rehearsal “ahead” of me, so there’s that.)

I wish opera would think to put more rehearsals at night. Most of us in the pit teach privately, and we lose that income for these first two weeks. But others are in symphonies that are rehearsing and performing at night for these first two weeks, so I suppose it’s working around them rather than the teachers in the pit.

Oh well. It’s employment. I should just be thankful.

I am thankful. Really. 🙂

So there’s that, too.

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