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… I’m sure we Californians would test differently. Right?

Testing and music

Kendall Holland and Mollie O’Donnell wanted to know how different kinds of music affected student testing.

They tested classical, rap, rock, country and no music at all on three eighth-grade math classes, playing the music five minutes before and during each test.

“We thought classical music would show the most positive result during testing,” Kendall said.

“Country actually did the best,” Mollie said, adding that this really surprised them, because their research said classical would give the best results.

“Rap and rock seemed to be everyone’s favorite kind of music,” Mollie said. “… but they did the worst on it.”

Kendall said country was the students’ least favorite, “and everyone was all cranky on country day,” but they did the best on the tests, probably because they were trying to block out the country music.

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