09. April 2009 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

My back is feeling a bit better … I’m at least mobile enough that I easily walked back to the parking lot after opera. This is a good sign. I think a heating pad might be a good idea for the next few days. I know I can beat this thing. Whining does no good.

Well, except I guess it makes me feel better in my sick sort of way! 😉

We heard one cast for Carmen today, but no chorus. Singers sound good … just wish I could see ’em. (Boo hoo.) I do miss the chorus when they aren’t there. Tomorrow everyone will be there, but I won’t. So oh well! My next rehearsal is Monday night, when we run the opera with, we always hope, no stopping. With all the cuts I’ll be curious to see just how long it is. It feels rather short … but maybe the dialogue (spoken) will add a significant amount of time. I wonder.

Meanwhile, I’m relaxing in front of the tube, watching the Giants who are doing well at this point. Go Giants!! (Dan is suggesting I am not good for the team. Dan is in big, big trouble.)

Tomorrow is UCSC. I would love to email the person in charge of room assignments to find out what room I should use, but someone has someone cut a fiber opic cable and there is no UCSC email at all. Those students don’t read this blog as far as I know, so I can’t send any news this way. (But if you ARE reading, just check all the rooms to see where I am!)

And now the big question of the day: What will I have for dinner?!

I’m thinking huevos rancheros at the moment. We’ll see.


  1. The dialogue has been trimmed quite a bit. I don’t have any idea how long it will actually run, but it doesn’t seem like there’s all that much dialogue.

    Then again, we didn’t finish last night’s run until 10:20. But we started late and stopped once, so it’s still hard to tell what the running time will be.

  2. So how did today go? Oh … you are still there, aren’t you? I’m at UCSC right now, and thinking about how I’m missing the rehearsal. (I actually do hate missing even one, even though this one is entirely unimportant now that my solos have been cut. I just don’t like skipping things.)

  3. Sitz went well, although we didn’t finish (we went over the kids scenes and two of the choruses twice – with Doc and Joe). We got sooo close. We were about a minute or two from finishing it when the magic hour hit.

    Run-through last night was fine too, although we’ve got a quick change between Acts 3 and 4 with only the roughly 2:30 of the entr’acte to do it. It’s a nightmare. Last night I was still finishing putting on my costume (on stage) during the Toreador march. But we finished the run in under three hours, so that’s good. We took full intermissions and played everything but the overture.

  4. I’ll bet if we took a good tempo for the overture and a few other numbers we’d have no problem with time.

    Of course at shows there’s an extra 15 minutes of leeway, so they won’t worry about that at all, I’m guessing.

    I don’t have even one change of costume. But I might have to change reeds. (Hope not, though!) 😉