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I’m finally home for the evening. Actually I’ve been home for nearly 30 minutes.

This was one long day; out of the house at 8:20 and home at about 8:30 or so. But of course many have even longer days, so I’m really not complaining. Honest!

I think my back might be on the mend. Tonight, while I still am well aware that it isn’t completely healed, it feels better than it has. Whew!

The Good Friday service was very nice. Moving. Meaningful. A good way to spend Good Friday.

And I didn’t cough horribly or get distracted by my back.

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… the back is a bit better. This seems to be the daily thing. I guess sleep is simply no good for my back. Hmmm. Does that mean I should stay up all night? (Could I stay up all night? I don’t think I could pull that any more!)

I’m waiting around for Jameson to be done with class so we can drive back home. I’m already in black, so I’m ready to head on over to the church for the Good Friday service. I just hope that my training pulls me through, so that the distraction of the cough and back don’t throw me.

This is why we have to practice; for days like today, the practice and past experience help me greatly.

I hope. 🙂

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The back pain now wraps around to my front (right abdomen). Sweet.

The trouble with a musician’s life is that when we have things to do we really don’t have time to see a doctor. I do know I should go in, but when the heck will I have enough time to sit on the phone (Kaiser), and then make a trip in, without losing income? And meanwhile taxes lurk.

I don’t know if I was expected to stand for the Good Friday service, but I can’t play and stand at the same time, so that’s not going to happen. I can’t stand up straight, no matter what. Sitting should work fine, as long as I don’t pass out (I’ve been a bit light headed this past week).

Ah life. Ain’t it grand!

But enough complaining! I’m off to UCSC soon. It looks like things are back up and running, after someone cut fiber optic cables. It’s amazing what that does to an area. You can read about it here.

So while my body is a mess, I’ll be able to check email and blog from campus.

That’s something, right?