11. April 2009 · Comments Off on Oh Well, Never Mind · Categories: Ramble

I didn’t do anything with our taxes today. I just can even fathom opening up the box of stuff to go through it again. I’ve actually done much of the work. We are being hit hard, due to my teaching income. The thought of how hard is why I’m ignoring the inevitable. And the inevitable might be turned into an extension. We’ll see.

I am not going to do taxes next year without help. Dan and I have talked about it and he agrees. It’s just too darn much. So we’ll probably take the stuff to someone. We’ll have to find someone who knows about musicians, to be sure.

So tonight I’m watching the Giants play. So far it’s not looking good. Sigh. Is it another year of the same old stuff? I wonder. I was so hopeful.

Looking down at my stocking clad feet I see holes in both socks. Oh well. Never mind those either.

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