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I haven’t really written about our concert experience this past week. Life sort of interfered, and I don’t care to write reviews in any case. But … I just read a rather favorable review of the San Francisco Symphony concert. The reviewer went to Davies. I’m wondering if anyone ever reviews a Flint Center concert.

We were at Flint Center on Thursday night. Maybe I’m wrong, but many of the orchestra members looked like they didn’t want to be there. Am I imagining that, or is it true? Does anyone know?

I know run-outs aren’t really a whole lot of fun for a whole lot of people. I feel that way; I prefer to play in the halls we kind of “own”. (Not as in a financial ownership, but the ones we are familiar with, that feel like “ours”.) Maybe SFS folks feel the same way.

The hall wasn’t extremely full. Maybe the audience is dwindling along with the musicians’ lack of enthusiasm.

Or maybe I’m imagining the whole thing.


  1. Hm, an interesting thought… how did you determine that the orchestra members looked like they didn’t want to be there?

    I think you’re right, I can see it happening in an empty house. I’ll be seeing the SFS outside of Davies in May, to an almost-sold out concert. I guess this could be an interesting experiment in order to determine if it’s the less-than-full house that’s doing it, or merely being outside of Davies.

  2. Okay … quickly before I do taxes (sigh) … they just had that look of boredom on their faces. Not only during, but before playing. (And, to be honest, I didn’t think the performance was very strong either. I also wondered if they just didn’t care for the soloist or conductor (or both), as they didn’t applaud for either very much.)

    Oh well. Maybe I’m misreading.

    NOW to taxes, no matter what!

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