Okay, so I watched the “Britains Got Talent” clip and I know it’s tremendously silly, but it made me emotional. Because it was just a big surprise.

I know, I know … it’s a goofy show. I know, it’s a musical theatre tune and some will scoff. But I mean … well … okay … watch it. If you don’t like it, I understand.

But, for me, it’s … well … “you just never know.”

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Oboe Club: Will it be the Death of Guitar Club?
by Grogan Kubrick, staff writer

“They might as well call it Loser Club,” said Oboe Club president Martin Lewinsky about the school’s Guitar Club.

Lewinsky, a sophomore, along with other Kennedy oboists, has formed the school’s new Oboe Club as an alternative to the Guitar Club. He thinks that the overwhelming popularity of oboe music will attract student musicians. ” I mean, what high school student wants to play a guitar for an hour after school once a week with some other kids who happen to be able to play guitar as well? The youth does not respond to ‘rock’ instruments these days; they want something more intellectual,” he said.

This is so darn fun. RTWT.

It ends with this:

You can buy an “Oboe Club: We Will Melt Your Face Off” t-shirt from Lewinsky or Napalm for $10, but there is a limited supply, so hurry. Also, don’t forget to check out Oboe Club at Open Mic during lunch hour, everyday.

“Oboes free the soul and open the mind,” says Lewinsky. “Guitars are for squares.”

I would love that t-shirt!

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studying for the us history sat subject test. because anything is better than practicing oboe.