16. April 2009 · Comments Off on I Wonder Why · Categories: Opera, Ramble

Carmen is a fairly easy opera for me. Now that the Aragonaise has been cut it’s especially easy. But I do wonder about the one somewhat worrisome line. What made Bizet put oboe and trombone in unison octaves? What made him give that to oboe rather than English horn? It begins on a low E flat, moves to E, then to left F, then to low C sliding to to low C#. It continues, but once I get that far I’m no longer fretting. What was he thinking? How much easier that would have been on English horn!

Still, I know I can do it. It’s just “Oh rats. There’s THAT coming up!” that gets in the brain.

You can hear it a bit here, starting at 5:16:

Or 3:41 here:

It’s not exactly a lovely bit of music for oboe. And you can barely hear it, truth be told. But of course to the oboe player, it’s the only thing going on. Funny how that goes. I can barely hear Carmen singing at that point. This is one reason I wish we had a monitor in the pit; it would actually help us with things like this, reminding us that there actually are real singers somewhere nearby. 😉

We had our final dress today. Opening night is Saturday. 8:00 PM. Come on, you know you wanna be there! From all I hear I think it’s a good show. Saturday we’ll find out what the people who can actually see and hear it think!

For tonight it’s rest, relaxation, yummy cream of carrot soup (made by yours truly) and, in keeping with the orange theme of today, which began here I’ll try to stick with a Giants game. If only they show some promise of winning a game. We’ll see.