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No one knows what will become of Susan Boyle and the rest of her story, but it certainly has touched a lot of people’s hearts. I find it fascinating to see how she has hit so many people. If she had been 25 and drop dead gorgeous I’m guessing we would have just looked, listened, and gone on our merry way. (Or judged her harshly because of her good looks; good looks have their advantages, to be sure, but we plain folk often get very critical … jealousy? Probably!)

I did read one blogger’s comment, which suggested that she can’t go anywhere with her talent. I’m not sure I agree. I think she could sing in musical theater. I think she could have character roles. I’m just not sure why she’d really want that life … but what do I know? I kind of think her moment of fame might be what she would be best to stick with. (But again, what do I know?)

I remember when I was thinking I was going to be a poet. (Hah! I look back and wonder what I was thinking and how I thought I was any good.) Someone suggested that I stick to just enjoying it. She said, “If it turns into work it might not be what it is now.”

So I just wonder.

I’d post her video here, but all of the YouTube videos of her request that we not embed them. But if you click this you’ll see the video is all over the place on YouTube.

And now I’ll leave that story alone. Along with the YouTube Symphony, which I’m done with. And I am wondering if I should be done with a particular baseball team too. Sigh.

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