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If you go here you’ll see “Don’t Miss The Audition” … but it was today and of course I was at work. I meant to write about it earlier, in case any readers would have found it interesting. I so apologize.

The Audition, directed by award-winning filmmaker Susan Froemke, looks at the intense pressures young opera singers face as they struggle to succeed in one of the most difficult professions in the performing arts.

So I missed it. And I don’t see that I can see it later.

I’m bummed. I really would have liked to see that.

So today went well. The reed that I wanted to use and attempted to use last night got a little work done to it and, lo and behold, it worked well. Low notes? ✓ Intonation? ✓ (Although maybe my colleagues would disagree.) Response? ✓ So yay for that reed. I really enjoyed playing, and it’s a joy to sit with such wonderful musicians. 🙂

During an intermission I was told the Giants won, 2-0 too. NICE! So is the answer that I shouldn’t be watching. Gee, hope not!

We don’t have another performance until Thursday, so I’m hoping I’ll get some more reeds together by then. In addition, I need to get to work on the Piazzolla Suite for Oboe and String Orchestra. (You can see that info here. I’ll be performing that work May 23. Somehow that date is getting closer faster than I thought it would!

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I have 50 minutes before I leave for opera. I dipped my reeds in water and I was thinking I would be checking them out to see what they are up to today. But, truth be told, I need to close my eyes for at least a short time. I went to church, and it wasn’t easy to keep the pesky eyes open through the service. That’s what I get after staying up too late last night.

Guess I’ll crash for a time, even while leaving the Giants game on. Maybe I’ll wake to a good score. We’ll see.

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I’ve been home since about 11:30. I’m wired. Annoyed. Frustrated. And yearning for a little chocolate.

The audience was quite enthusiastic, so I guess they must have enjoyed the opera. Standing O … and I’m not even sure when it began; seems as if it might have been prior to Carmen coming out for her bow …? It’s always great to see a happy audience!

Me? I hated my reeds. Every. Single. One. We’ve had a major change of weather, and all of my reeds were acting like rebellious teenagers; they would behave okay for a very short time and then surprise me with silence. Then they’d turn ugly, later turning back into something sweet, but not for long! Yeah. Just like a teenager. (Not that MY kids were that way, but I’ve heard stories.)

And I have to go back tomorrow and deal with these rebellious critters again. I can’t imagine I could put something new together by 3:00 tomorrow. Especially what with church before that, where we are not celebrating “real Easter” as some folks call tomorrow … oops, I mean today, don’t I?! (Sorry guys, but I’m not old enough to know when Jesus actually rose from the dead … wasn’t there to record the date. Good on you for your wisdom and all.)

Now I suppose I should crawl into bed, even though I really want to eat some chocolate … which appears to be nonexistent in this house. 🙁