“We went out for lunch at 11:30 ad then when I came back from lunch they weren’t letting us back in,” said bass violinist Dale Gosa with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. Gosa was being allowed back in for a 2:30 p.m. rehearsal.

Call me stupid, but I hadn’t heard that before. So do you think they were referring to a double bass? I’m gonna guess so.

I read it here.

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Heh. Ah, competitions.

Also around the web- a must read blog post from Jessica Duchen on the subject of her article in today’s Independent on corruption in music competitions. She was stymied in her efforts to bring some sunlight to bear on the dirtiest and darkest corner of the music business by the paper’s legal team. However corrupt you think the competition world is, multiply by a thousand. A friend of mine got his big break when his group won one of the major chamber music prizes. A week after the deadline he had a call from the office telling him they “had” to apply- he said the group was too busy to prepare the required repertoire. “But you’re going to win,” said the director of the competition. And they did.

The above is from Kenneth Woods.

In other news… my dream this morning was about the AFofM merging with the Teamsters. (Hmm. Not sure why that comes to mind when we are talking about corruption. Odd, eh?) I have to set my alarm so I stop having these bizarre dreams. And never in my life have I had a union dream before. I wish it had stayed that way. (Not that I hate the union, but it’s not exactly dream material.)

Weather.com is telling me I’d better keep my cake indoors; it’s supposed to get up to 93 today. It also says to “run air conditioning”. Sigh. We don’t have AC, and I actually don’t believe it’s a responsible thing in any case, considering the environment woes and all. (But I do run it in my car at times. I’m wimpy that way.) It’s not easy for students when the temp is so high. I have a fan blowing at them, but even then it’s not fun to play. (And the fan dries out reeds, as does this weather.) I think we start to cool off tomorrow, so that’s good.

I still want more rain. Rain is my friend.

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never played the drums. would love to have a go but my poor parents have perpetual headaches thanks to the oboe and cor already

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Check it out. It’s darn good. (When you get to the page, click on the cartoon to enlarge it.)

Then see the rest at Drew’s TAFTO page.