22. April 2009 · 2 comments · Categories: TQOD

I just bought my son an oboe. Who knew those little horn thingies cost almost as much as my first new car?


  1. I knew… I didn’t get my first new car–I got a little horn thing.

  2. I purchased my first real trumpet (a used Strad) in 1974 for $350; my first horn in 1979 for around $1,000, and my first (new) car in 1989 for just under $13,000. That makes the car almost three times as expensive as my first oboe (also new and purchased in fall of 2008). I feel like I got good value on all of them. Of course, I only had the car for 11 years (needed a four-door after the birth of our second child); no telling how long I’ll have the oboe (still have the horn).