25. April 2009 · Comments Off on Stay Awake, Stay Awake, Stay Awake · Categories: Ramble

Get the picture? I really must stay awake until opera is over. I feel like I could use a good nap. But alas, it isn’t going to happen.

I’m going to guess that I’ll be just fine once I begin playing. 🙂

25. April 2009 · Comments Off on Nearly through …? · Categories: Ramble

We are on the final break here at the Marriage of Figaro rehearsal. I think I might even be done before 5:00, which would be lovely.

Mozart is so difficult. You can hear every little intonation issue, and time is so important. The group is doing well, but if I had the winds for an hour or two I think I’d be hounding them about pitch the entire time. It’s improved greatly over the rehearsal … 20 cents too sharp to begin with is not a good thing! Go figure.

So now I’m going to have part of the Milky Way candy bar I bought. Yes indeed, it’s a health food sort of day. 😉

(Oh … and it turns out that the recital hall is now has wireless access. How cool is that?)

25. April 2009 · Comments Off on Awake, Dressed & (Sort Of) Ready · Categories: Ramble

I do have to dry my hair and make myself presentable, but other than that I’m packed and ready to go to UCSC and opera. Yes. I meant I’m ready for both. While I have time in between, I have to be ready for both, in case I hit traffic and have to go directly to the hall. So I’m in “half black” (pants/shoes) and will bring the rest of the black with me.

A musician may not be late.


I now see that I have two 15 minute breaks along with the 45 minute lunch. So I’m not working as much as I thought; it’s only 5 hours, 45 minutes of UCSC rather than 6 hours 15 minutes, and then the 3 hour opera, which equals a bit more time as I arrive around 45 minutes before curtain. (Yeah, Mike, I know the stage folk all get there much earlier!) And of course I have to leave home an hour & 15 early to get to UCSC … it’s a 45 minute drive, but I always allow for traffic.

So there we go: easy day.