26. April 2009 · Comments Off on Thankful · Categories: Ramble

I am so thankful for my friend Mary. Some time ago I had one of these headaches. She said her husband gets ’em, so she called him to ask what works for him. The answer? “Four ibuprofen.”

Yes. It works. Or at least it works for me.

So thank you Mary! And Kent, too! I really doubt I could have survived Carmen today if I hadn’t had this cure.

Poor Carmen. She won’t survive. Again.

26. April 2009 · Comments Off on So Much For That · Categories: Ramble

Even though yesterday was far too crazy, I had planned on church today.

So much for that.

I woke up (not until 8:30 or so) with one of my headaches. This is the kind that pounds when I move. It pounds when I even think sometimes. And I know it’ll pound if I try to sing. So no church. Sigh. That wasn’t in the plans.

Now I have to eat, so I can take a whopping number of ibuprofen. Because if this pounds at 3:00 I’m in serious trouble for Carmen.

Meanwhile the computer will be shut down, because the head pounds when I try to read, too.