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This one is from the Milpitas Post. It’s quite favorable. There’s a nice mention of our principal flutist, Isabelle Chapuis, too. 🙂

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Mr. King liked to pick his uke at his neighborhood Starbucks, where he said he did not feel nervous, because people had no expectations.

I know that feeling. There’s really something about playing freely, comfortably, in a place with no expectations, where folks are just enjoying things. You get in a concert hall and there’s this incredible tension that can eat you alive. Not fun. I really do try to remember that we are playing because it’s a wonderful thing to do. It brings us joy. It brings others joy. Sometimes it’s very difficult to remember.

But I ramble.

Mostly, I wanted to share this with you. The musician, John King, died at the young age of 55 this month and I just read about it … and him. He played ukelele. And I think this is beautiful:

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I just read about a few free (!) concerts SSV will be playing in August. That’s always a nearly barren month for me, so this is good news (as long as they need two oboists; I’m not first call, being second oboist). Looks like one of those concerts is with a group called the Classical Mystery Tour. One guess who these guys are pretending to be, eh?

Or just watch and listen:

Thank you, Target, for your continued support in the arts! (And for being a store I tend to visit. A lot.)

Now to get work in earlier August … and July … oh yeah, and June ….

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one should not make “do you play the oboe?” a mandatory field in a software order form

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Susan Spector blogs about hecklers. Check out her blog entry, and of course peruse others … she’s an oboist in the Met Opera, as you can see by looking at their roster. And she’s also a Mets fan. Baseball and oboe. Good stuff.