And the answer is: Labyrinthitis.

Yes. I have a balance disorder. Why does this very sick mind enjoy reading that and nearly laugh (but I refrain, because I still ache).

And yes, I have tinnitus. And I hate it. I’ve had hearing issues for a while which is no surprise with my job, but this is really miserable.

So back to web silence for now. Some of you have written and I do thank you for your concern!

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Just decided that I’m gonna force my kids to learn to play the oboe and the bassoon. No fruity loops and 808s in my house.

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The career is important and often intoxicating, but nothing is as valuable as family and friends. Life is never in balance, so give up trying to keep it in balance, and accept the chaos. Family first.

-Frederica von Stade

I read it here.

For the first time in my career — at least as far as I can remember — I had to call in sick for a performance. It takes a lot for me to do that. But … if a person can’t walk without throwing up, and that walking looks like a drunk walk, it’s probably best to stay home. And stay home I did. Last night was one of the worst nights in my life.

I called a good friend and wonderful musician to line him up so our personnel manager didn’t have to stress too much. I hate stressing people out. I hope things went okay … I’m sure they did, what with Mike playing!

Today I’m still suffering from vertigo and I’m still not well, but at least I can walk a few steps and back.

Now it’s back to bed with me. Any blog posts you see here were scheduled earlier (I can’t remember if I scheduled some and I can’t take the time to check … I have to close this computer before it makes me ill; the screen make my stomach feel yucky, believe it or not.)