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Let’s see … opera began at 8:00. The first act usually ends at 8:57. So right now it’s intermission, but that will end soon, so I’m guessing everyone is getting back to the pit.

I’m “watching” the Giants game. (Watching but not seeing currently, because somehow the picture has been lost and we can only hear it. Oh well.) It’s 3-0, good guys. Nice!

After worrying about whether I’d know how to play oboe, having not played since Tuesday, I braved it and pulled the darn thing out. I played for only 10 minutes, but it felt okay. Funny-okay, but okay. I can hear well enough, although I also hear a buzz the whole time. So I think I can deal next week, even if I don’t get completely back to normal. A replacement has been found for Sunday’s opera performance. I know this is the best way to go, but I’ve very sad to be missing the final week of opera for the entire season. I do hope my opera pals and I can manage to get together sometime soon, so I won’t feel as if everything just kind of fell apart at the end. It’s a rather empty feeling, to be honest.

Next week is busy, so I’m hoping that getting back to my normal busy schedule will encourage this body to feel healthy.

Uh-oh … Colorado just hit a home run. Sigh. Here we go again ….

I’m feeling sorry for myself. And yeah, I hate this virus. And no, I don’t feel like it’s getting better fast enough. And yeah, the ears are still bad. And no, I didn’t enjoy the latté I finally made because I guess my taste buds are off too. And yes, I have students tomorrow. And no, I doubt I can teach.

So what does my computer have to say about this?

Check it out. (Click play, of course!)

Okay. I’ll behave myself now. I promise. Stay tuned for better blog entries about something other than me, me, me.

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I was just about to make myself a latté. This is a good sign, as it means my body is feeling a bit better. Yesterday I didn’t even crave one. Not one bit.

But then it hit me.

I might crave a latté, but I can’t make one!

Sound hurts. A lot. I was unloading the dishwasher and every time an object tapped another my ears hurt. When I put the dishes on the shelf my ears hurt. So what would the steamer do but kill me? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try earplugs for now.

This virus is not fun. My dizziness is still here, but I’m going to see if I can get away with not taking the anti-nausea medication since it makes me so groggy and I want to be able to teach tomorrow. (But can I teach? Will the sound of oboe kill my ears?)

The ear issue is hard to describe. It feels as if my ears are plugged … the way they feel when I’m driving over “the hill” to get to UCSC. But while sound seems muffled, it also is harsher and louder. Yeah, I know, that doesn’t make sense! But there you go.

I’m not a good patient. I’m a very impatient patient. I just want to get this over with!