I’m feeling sorry for myself. And yeah, I hate this virus. And no, I don’t feel like it’s getting better fast enough. And yeah, the ears are still bad. And no, I didn’t enjoy the latté I finally made because I guess my taste buds are off too. And yes, I have students tomorrow. And no, I doubt I can teach.

So what does my computer have to say about this?

Check it out. (Click play, of course!)

Okay. I’ll behave myself now. I promise. Stay tuned for better blog entries about something other than me, me, me.


  1. I swear, some people (besides my kids) will do pretty much anything to avoid hearing me play…

    All kidding aside, that’s a tough thing to deal with – if any of our roses survive the weather (it looks like some of them survived the yard guy this morning, at least) in decent shape I’ll definitely bring ’em to my next lesson (whenever that ends up being – no heroics please). Right now it looks like the Mr. Lincolns, Queen Elizabeths, Scentimentals and Double Delights are blooming (the St. Patricks are not doing quite so well, sorry, nor is the sort-of-yellow one I can’t remember the name of).

  2. Heh … kid away, Tim! I can use some humor right now.

    Sorry I’m having to cancel next week too; I’d forgotten I have symphony. Of course if the ears still aren’t better I won’t have anything. Sigh. So I’d better!

    I would love to grow roses, but as you can see by the few I have toward the front of the house, I’m not a good gardener and I don’t do anything to help plants along. Oh well.

  3. Hmmm…hadn’t paid that much attention, but I don’t know if that area is sunny enough for roses. They’re actually fairly hardy plants, it seems like, although I’m no expert. I asked for a Mr. Lincoln tree rose (I like their scent), so my wife got me one for my birthday or Father’s day or something. I had conveniently forgotten that this meant I would get to spend some time digging a hole for it.

  4. I’m sure it’s not sunny enough. Now IF we ever get our backyard plant ready I’ll probably put just a few back there and see what happens.

    But when that day will happen … who knows!?