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FALMOUTH teenager who failed to let major surgery stand in her way, will be living a dream in September when she takes up a place at the Royal College of Music.

I read that as “Foul mouthed teenager …” and wondered why they thought it was so great that a foul mouthed teenager would be living her dream.

The real story is rather interesting (a ribcage growing inward?!), and she must be pretty good to get into RCM.

In other news…
I am gradually improving, but the ears are not behaving well at all. I wish someone had been in the room with me just now to confirm that the background music in the two radio ads I just heard really was completely distorted, because I don’t know if it’s the radio or my ears. I DO hope it’s the radio! The voice was fine, it’s just the music that was distorted. Odd, eh? Still, I know my hearing is messed up. I taught one oboe lesson this morning (Surprise! An oboe student I had canceled was at my door at 9:45! Not a big problem … just unexpected.) I’m pretty used to the dizziness, but my hearing issue is much more distressing.

I’m listening to the Giants game because it’s not on the tube. (Rats! I’d rather see it, since I can trust my eyes better than my ears right now.)

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