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Carmen is probably fighting with another factory girl. She’s about to seduce Don José. And my opera pals are in the pit, making music.

I am not.


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Music is fun. It’s a joyful experience. I like sharing music. Music is the best community-building tool that I can think of – getting a roomful of strangers singing together in harmony, giving people the opportunity to shine. I just have a good time. The stage is a platform for adventure as far as I’m concerned. It’s like my living room and I invite people to come up and share the experience.

-Bobby McFerrin

I read it here.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of the fun and joy part. I love music. I’m honored to get to play music. I don’t like forgetting that.

Now, with my ears all wacky, I of course am remembering that just fine, thank you very much. I do want to get back to work. And yes, it’s play too, but music is also work, when I’m giving it my all.

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I thought I’d get to church today, but the ears have said no. Sound still hurts, and I’m just not up to dealing with how they might feel when they have to deal with amplification and hymns and all. And here I thought today would be The Day. Oh well.

Tomorrow I have symphony. Tomorrow I will go to symphony for our first rehearsal. Tomorrow I will wear earplugs if necessary to deal with the sound. Today I will attempt calm and happy thoughts and maybe put on the Giants game if I can stand the sound. (If not, I can watch Gameday on my computer and have no sound at all, aside from the constant ringing in my ears and outside noises.)

Having hearing issues certainly makes me realize how wonderful hearing is, and how much I take it for granted. (Okay, okay … lesson learned. May I have my ears back now?)

I went to YouTube, to see if I could post something beautiful and worshipful here for readers/listeners. Hmmm. I can’t enjoy the music at this point, wouldn’t you know? Tomorrow you will be getting Shostakovich Symphony No. 9, whether I can enjoy it or not! And I may still find something to put here today, even if I can’t truly enjoy it. Yet.

I do hope I don’t sound too whiney … and I apologize if I do. Truly, I am not a total basket case. I’m not horribly depressed. I am merely a tad frustrated at this point.

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Well, my ears may not like to listen, and I can’t tell if this is a good recording or not since I’m not hearing all that clearly, but I think I’ll start a new Sunday morning happening, called Sunday Morning Music.

Roman Hurko: Gentle Light