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Q: When is a double service day not really a double service day?

A #1: When you only play two of the three works.

A #2: When, in the last 30 minutes of the 2nd rehearsal, all the lights go out. You sit for a while, then a few come back on, then more, so you start playing again, and then absolutely blinding lights come on, making it impossible to see, and the conductor finally says, “If these don’t get fixed in 3 minutes we’ll just go home.” Of course then the killer brights go off right after we are dismissed.

Interesting evening, to say the least.

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A woman approached me at a bookstore yesterday; she’d mistaken me for a German musician. An oboe player.

So this is just too weird:

A man was charged Tuesday with smuggling songbirds into the United States by hiding more than a dozen of them in an elaborate, custom-tailored pair of leggings during a flight from Vietnam to Los Angeles.

Sony Dong, 46, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in March after an inspector spotted bird feathers and droppings on his socks and tail feathers peeking out from under his pants, prosecutors said.

I read it here.

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San Francisco Symphony has created a social network site. I just read the press announcement over at Chris Foley’s Collaborative Piano blog.

Hmmm. Will I join? Seems kind of like a “wanna be” sort of thing for a musician to do, you know? I can see fans of the SFS joining. But me? I dunno. I feel like it might look rather pathetic.

But maybe that’s just a silly fear, and is part of my morning mood. Perhaps some breakfast will change things.