San Francisco Opera has a job opening: Assistant to the Director of Artistic Administration.

Included in the requirements is this one:

At least three years increasingly responsible Outstanding grammar, spelling punctuation and editing skills.

Um. Say what?

Maybe I’m just an idiot, but it seems to me that that is a rather odd sentence and I can’t quite make sense of it. You?

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I have performed the Dring trio, but it’s been quite some time. I’d love to do it again. Hmmm. Next year is my required performance year at UCSC. Maybe I can get our wonderful flutist to do this with me there, if we can find a pianist to join us.

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Despite the tough economic landscape currently facing Bay Area arts groups, Ballet San Jose has decided to push forward with an ambitious expansion in its 2009-10 season.

In an announcement to be released later today, the company will unveil plans to increase the number of main-stage programs from five to six and to extend the runs of several productions, including the company’s popular version of “The Nutcracker.” With the exception of “Nutcracker,” most ballet programs have run just one weekend in recent years.

In addition, the entire season will be produced with live music by Symphony Silicon Valley. In the past, some productions have been done to recorded music to contain costs.

The announcement is here.

I might write more about this later (the “rest of the story” sort of thing). But maybe not. For now, though, let me just say that more work is more work, and for that I’m grateful! These are tough times, so to see we might be doing more is a good thing. (Of course some will conflict with Opera San José, so I’ll have to be doing some calendar work here soon to see how all of this fits together.)

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My daughter’s oboe cracked again this weekend. Said it was just one more hole to play. I got THAT LOOK!!

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Two sets ago, as readers here know, I played the English horn with Symphony Silicon Valley in Symphony No. 9 by Dvorak (From New World) as well as Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture. It was one of the few times I was actually very satisfied with my playing (I am, I think, my harshest critic). I had fun. I played musically. Things just felt right. (Yeah, I go by how I feel much of the time.)

And then it was over.

Most of us then go through that withdrawal period. I did a wee bit, but of course I did have more work right after that, so there wasn’t all that much time for it. The concerts were over, and that was that.

Last week I was surprised at a rehearsal. I was handed a letter that had been sent to the symphony office. It was a lovely letter, complimenting my English horn playing at that former concert.

My first fan letter! No doubt my last as well. But how wonderful it was to get that encouragement. So many musicians I know are somewhat insecure. We think we are playing well, but unless a conductor or some of our colleagues say something we begin to doubt ourselves.

Hmmm. Or maybe I’m the only one with that problem.

In any case, the letter was so wonderful to receive, and you can bet I’ll be saving it! 🙂