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It’s everybody’s job in these recession-rocked times to get by with less, so we are constantly told. For U.S. symphony orchestras, that should mean a good deal more than making a few nips and tucks, which generally has been their response to the economic crisis thus far.

You can read the entire article here.

I don’t know what to think about conductor’s salaries. I simply can’t even imagine that amount of money. Not being in a major symphony orchestra, I can’t even relate to their salaries. I’ve taken a pay cut recently. The bigger cut was when San Jose Symphony folded, and when Opera San José moved into the new, larger hall. Our performances were cut nearly in half. (To be honest, though, I found doing 15 performances of an opera to be awfully grueling and I’m happy to have a mere 8 performances of each one.)

I just figure it goes without saying that everyone is going to have to accept some pay cuts these days. Better to have a pay cut and a job, as far as I’m concerned.

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My ear isn’t improving. For now. So I’m dealing, and that is how it is. And that’s fine, because that’s how life can be sometimes, and I have decided that my attitude makes a big difference in how I handle things. Repair takes time. So I will be positive and thankful that I have one good ear. Better than none, yes?

I’ve made a few reeds that I think are going to work. It’s not entirely easy to tell how they are with a silly left ear, but they are feeling promising. Monday will tell; it’s the first rehearsal for the Piazzolla Suite for Oboe & Strings that I’m doing with Santa Cruz Chamber Orchestra. (I’d put a link to the group here, but it seems to have gone way. Hmmm.) Here is a link to the Facebook page, at least.

And now to my Giants game. So far they have done a pretty crummy job with the Mets, and I’m hoping today will be the day they turn it around.

I continue to hold on to hope … for that and my left ear.