16. May 2009 · Comments Off on Learning To Deal · Categories: Concert Announcements

My ear isn’t improving. For now. So I’m dealing, and that is how it is. And that’s fine, because that’s how life can be sometimes, and I have decided that my attitude makes a big difference in how I handle things. Repair takes time. So I will be positive and thankful that I have one good ear. Better than none, yes?

I’ve made a few reeds that I think are going to work. It’s not entirely easy to tell how they are with a silly left ear, but they are feeling promising. Monday will tell; it’s the first rehearsal for the Piazzolla Suite for Oboe & Strings that I’m doing with Santa Cruz Chamber Orchestra. (I’d put a link to the group here, but it seems to have gone way. Hmmm.) Here is a link to the Facebook page, at least.

And now to my Giants game. So far they have done a pretty crummy job with the Mets, and I’m hoping today will be the day they turn it around.

I continue to hold on to hope … for that and my left ear.

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