17. May 2009 · 6 comments · Categories: BQOD

But here was the quote I wanted to focus on: “Meteocrity bores me. Actually it angers me.”

Our businesses – be it music theatre or opera – could learn something from the fashion industry and the formidable Ms. Wintour.

What if we allowed meteocrity to bore us? And thus, DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT?! Why must we be satisfied with the lowest common denominator? Why can’t we strive for something larger than ourselves, and present artists and productions that dare to elevate the art, instead of just make people comfortable?


  1. Yikes – if you’re gonna take the extra effort to spell in ALL CAPS, reach for that dictionary while you’re at it. Poor spelling just completely robs the thunder from any point being made. Poo poo — just one of my little pet peeves..

  2. Yep. Slightly weakens the post, eh?

    I first thought she was writing about meteors and was introducing me to a word I didn’t know.

    Yeah. I’m silly that way.

  3. sounds like it has something to do with meteors 🙂

  4. I personally find meteors to be reasonably interesting, but meteorites actually reach the planet and so they’re much more…what?

    Oh, sorry, never mind.

  5. Yes — since I live not too far from the Meteor Crater, I thought this word was something related to that or a newly discovered Meteor City or something. Seriously caught me up for a minute or two…

  6. The first sentence certainly had me thinking the writer was talking about meteors! Made me smile when I realized that wasn’t it.